Izzy's Rescue
Formerly: Izabella's Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation

What is Happening at Izzy's?

Izzy's has re-opened, re-branded, and re-organized to become an even better organization!

Izzy's focus is to be out in the community sharing our available pets, educating the public, and ensuring that the message of "Adoption First" hits the ears of anyone who will listen.

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Our Mission

Izzy's Rescue is located in San Antonio, Texas.  We are dedicated to the rescue of canines from the city's shelters as well as those who have fallen through the cracks in the system. 

Izzy's also focuses on helping owners retain their pets through the use of education and resources available in our community. 

Through rehabilitation, love, and training, we are able to help to heal not only these animals, but our city.


Without the help of donations, fosters, volunteers, and adopters we could not do the work we do.
Help us help these great companions!