Find Your New Best Friend!

Friends Wanted:

A good friend is hard to find (unless you're looking here!) Finding a loving home is the best thing that could ever happen to a lonely rescue pup. These dogs have different stories but whether they've been beaten, starved, neglected, or abandoned they all want the same thing - shelter from the storm. Will you be that shelter? The reward for your kindness will be years and years of love and tireless devotion.

Interested? Apply here.

  1. Edith
    Sweet Edith may be older but she is young at heart. Edith loves to snuggle, play with her doggy friends and go for a hike every day!
  2. Fay
    Ms. Fay has had a rough life, she was part of a cruelty case and is now finding out what real love and comfort is. Fay needs a home that will show her what real love and living is. She is good with other dogs, as well as children and loves to snuggle!
  3. BB
    BB is a sweet boy that has had it rough. He had a tough start but after beating Parvo, and his fear of everything in life. He has become a sweet and loving boy. BB needs a family that will understand that it takes him a minute to trust and that new things can be scary for this little guy. But he is a great cuddler and loves to snuggle.
  4. Jameson
    Jameson! This sweet boy may only be 4 months old, but he sure knows how to work a room. Jameson is great with dogs and cats, he loves water and will make any family very happy!
  5. Ziggy
    This sweet boy had never been touched by a human and never felt kindness. Now he is learning that humans are kind and loving. He would love to find a home of his own, that understands his need for love and understanding.